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Perry SWCD is located in New Lexington, Ohio and services all of Perry County.

(740) 743-1325
212 S. Main Street
New Lexington, OH  43764
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Perry County is in the southeastern part of Ohio.  The total area is 262,080 acres or 410 square miles.  Perry County was founded on December 26, 1817 and was the 55th county to be formed in Ohio.  It was named for Oliver Hazard Perry, a hero of the War of 1812.  New Lexington is the county seat.


In 1941, the Ohio General Assembly authorized formation of soil and water conservation districts.  The 88 Ohio Soil and Water Conservation Districts are legal entities of the State of Ohio and are governed by a board of 5 supervisors that serve without pay in the interest of planning and carrying out the district's programs.  The Perry SWCD was organized in June 1944 and was the 29th district to form in Ohio.


Perry SWCD works with citizens of Perry County and local and state agencies to promote good stewardship practices.  Through increased public awareness of these practices and provided technical assistance, the soil, water, and other natural resources should be around for future generations.

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As a part of the Upper Rush Creek Revitalization Project (URCRP), Rural Action has received a Brownfield Grant through U.S. EPA to assess mine scarred lands in upper Rush Creek.  Upper Rush Creek is the area from Rehoboth, the Perry State Forest and Gosline through New Lexington to the east side of Junction City.  The grant will enable planners and engineers to develop solutions on lands involved or impacted by the pre-1977 mine reclamation laws.  If your property is in the upper watershed and has been mined or impacted this may be an opportunity for clean-up and stabilization to occur.  Further information and a property survey can be viewed at, by contacting Caitlyn Park at

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Hey Folks!  Check out the newly added Perry County Historical Aerial Photos.  Historical being the key word.  Some of the photos are unfortunately missing and some are not in the best shape.  We hope this makes your research a little easier and more convenient.  

Pictured are the Perry SWCD Board of Supervisors  (L to R) Cary Bowers, Rich Maxwell, Dennis Young, Bev Decore-Trovato, and Rob Foster.

Board of supervisors 2019.jpg
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